An Educational Perspective on Multilingualism
Argyro Kanaki
(Lecturer in Education, University of Dundee)

Wednesday, 12 December 2018 @ 4pm | Room: Scrymgeour 4.34

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Who is considered to be bilingual? What is a multilingual person? What foundational notions about language have been put into question by recent language research? What is the role of multilingualism in education today? Do we, and should we, promote it? In this presentation, possible answers are offered which elucidate concepts and theoretical frameworks in the study of multilingualism, and our understanding of second and multilanguage acquisition; the presentation also focuses on how those concepts found their way into classroom practice and language policy. My aim is to engage constructively with linguistic parochialism, undermine a long list of ancient prejudices in education, and promote a more inclusive linguistic ecology in schools.


About the speaker:

Argyro Kanaki is Lecturer in Education at the University of Dundee, and an experienced language teacher. Competent in five modern European languages, and qualified as a teacher in four of them, her current teaching focuses on the pedagogy of modern foreign languages,  issues around culture, and debates in International Education. Argyro researches the field of language awareness and multilingualism, their appropriate pedagogical approaches, together with language policies and their implications. You can find more information about Argyro’s work here and here.