Why Don’t Students Use Effective Learning Strategies?

Dr Flávia Schechtman Belham
(Chief Scientist, Seneca Learning)

Thursday, 21 February 2019 @ 4pm | Room: Scrymgeour 1.57

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Some learning strategies have strong evidence support and are more effective than others. However, recent research shows that very few students in schools and universities use those strategies when preparing for exams. In this session, I will discuss some of the effective strategies, the main reasons why students don’t use them and some ideas of how we can help them to do so, including the free Seneca Learning platform.

About the speaker:

Dr Flávia Schechtman Belham is the Chief Scientist at Seneca Learning, where she applies cognitive sciences to create free and effective learning resources. Before that, her research was about the interactions between memory and emotion in healthy ageing. In her free time, Flávia enjoys spending time with her family, reading gothic novels, and going to the beach. You can follow her on Twitter @FlaviaBelhamPhD.