Cognitive Science in the Mathematics Classroom


Stuart Welsh
(Head of Mathematic & Research Lead, The High School of Glasgow)

30 May 2019 @ 4pm | Scrymgeour 4.34


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In this talk, Stuart will discuss some promising findings from research and the implications for the teaching of Mathematics. Specifically, he will focus on conceptual development, schematic learning and memory. Stuart will share how he uses retrieval practice, spacing and interleaving to help students retain knowledge and build richer and more interconnected mental structures.

About the speaker:

Stuart Welsh has been a Mathematics teacher for 12 years and has been Head of Mathematics at The High School of Glasgow for the past 6 years. Recently, Stuart has also taken on the role of Research Lead, allowing him to explore and share evidence-based strategies with his colleagues. Stuart has a particular interest in Cognitive Science and in exploring how we can use what we know about memory to help students develop deep and durable learning. You can follow him on Twitter @Maths180.