How Do First-Year Psychology Students Study? Embedding Lecture Recording in Wider Study Practices.

Dr Kasia Banas

(Lecturer in Behavioural Sciences in Healthcare | University of Glasgow, UK)


Wednesday, 18 March 2020 @ 4pm|
Webinar via Zoom: |


Lecture recording continues to be a much-discussed topic in education, and there is a growing amount of evidence that accessing recorded lectures at home can be a beneficial revision practice. This may be especially true among students whose first language is not English, or those who have other responsibilities beside their university course. In this talk, I will present preliminary results from an ongoing study of first-year psychology students at the University of Edinburgh, where we collected data about their use of lecture recordings, as well as administrative and questionnaire data on other learning practices and attitudes. A novel aspect of this study was its focus on norms, where we asked students to report what they thought their lecturers’ and classmates’ attitudes towards lecture attendance and lecture recording were. One interesting result was that while students reported that their lecturers set a positive norm for attending lectures, they were not sure what their lecturers thought about using recordings as a substitute for attending live lectures. I will discuss this and other preliminary findings, focusing on the potential targets for an online intervention that we plan to deliver to all first-year students next year. Project collaborators: Eva Murzyn and Anita Tobar-Henriquez.

About the speaker:

Dr Kasia Banas is a Lecturer in Behavioural Sciences in Healthcare within the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing, University of Glasgow. She is a social psychologist by training and has a keen interest in how social factors influence behaviour, including studying and learning. Before coming to Glasgow, Kasia spent four years working in a teaching-focussed role at the University of Edinburgh, where she studied the extent to which first-year students identify with their study discipline or university, and whether this has consequences for their educational outcomes or wellbeing. Now, in collaboration with Dr Eva Murzyn from the University of Edinburgh, Kasia is working on a longitudinal project exploring the use of lecture recordings among first-year Psychology students. You can follow her on Twitter: @edinkasia