Digital Learning In Our New Normal

Tim Beattie
(Principal Teacher of Learning and Teaching | Harris Academy | Dundee, UK)


Wednesday, 14 October 2020 @ 4pm | REGISTRATION REQUIRED!

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The current climate we find ourselves in regarding education in schools, has presented many challenges as well as opportunities for learning and teaching. As schools closed across the nation, practitioners adapted to new ways of teaching. Many of these ‘new ways’ were effective and indeed efficient with school doors closed, but as we move into a new normal with classrooms open, mid-term absences and an uncertain future – what have we learned? As we reflect on the past year what can we bring with us that will have the biggest impact on our learners moving forward. Amongst others, included in this discussion will be, a whole school approach to clarity regarding digital engagement, digital technologies used for learning and teaching, and building resilience and capacity in learners.


About the speaker:
Tim Beattie is the Principal teacher of learning and teaching at Harris Academy in Dundee, UK. He also makes up one quarter of the RMPS department there and works a few days a week as part of Dundee City Council’s pedagogy team. You can follow him on Twitter: @LandTHarris.