Influences On Early Mathematical Skills: What Counts?

Dr Victoria Simms
(Research Director Psychology | Ulster University | UK)


Monday, 2 November 2020 @ 4pm | REGISTRATION REQUIRED!

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In this talk I will summarise a number of studies that investigate the development of early mathematical skills. The talk will explore the influence of domain specific and domain general skills, as well as the home environment, on early mathematical development. Reflecting on our recent reviews of class-room practice and mathematical interventions, I will discuss how “basic” developmental and cognitive research may influence practice.


About the speaker:
Dr Victoria Simms is a developmental psychologist with a specific interest in how children’s thinking changes over time. Victoria’s research program focuses on the development of mathematical cognition, both in typical and atypical populations. Victoria also researches cognitive and educational outcomes of children who were born very preterm. Victoria’s work aims to develop effective interventions to ensure that children can fulfil their educational potential. You can follow her on Twitter: @DrVicSimms.