This TILE talk was dedicated to retrieval practice and how to implement that strategy in classroom teaching. We welcomed Kate Jones, Head of History at The British School Al Khubiarat in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, who is also a book author, consultant, and speaker.

In her talk, Kate presents the most prominent arguments of why teachers are hesitant in implementing retrieval practice in their teaching practice to then debunk these misconceptions by offering quick ways to integrate small teaching tweaks that can change retention of knowledge in students for the better.

All her materials are free to download and use. The talk offers a wide range of resources and practical tips.

All materials can be found in this post.


In this session, Kate Jones, author of Love To Teach, Retrieval Practice and Retrieval Practice 2 will be sharing the research behind this effective teaching and learning strategy as well as top tips as to how this can be implemented in the classroom. This will cover a combination of evidence and experience, both of which Kate believes need to be combined to successfully implement and embed retrieval practice in the classroom. Kate will share practical tried and tested examples. There will also be the opportunity to ask Kate questions too. 


About the speaker:

Kate Jones is Head of History at The British School Al Khubiarat in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates but is originally from the UK and taught in Wales for six years. Kate is an award-winning teaching and learning practitioner, speaker, consultant, blogger, TES writer and author with John Catt publishing. You can follow Kate on Twitter and Instagram both at @KateJones_teach and visit her teaching and learning website