In April we invited a powerhouse of speakers (students and staff) to discuss challenges and solutions to approaches for sustainability in education. We looked at demands raised from students to encourage a greener university, we learned about a student-led course on “Introduction to Climate Change & Sustainability”, and shared different resources that can support a greater awareness for sustainability issues in education and beyond.

All resources can be found below.

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The Green New Deal (GND) is a student and staff written document containing 60 sustainability demands for the University of Glasgow. It highlights changes the institution must undergo in order to stay true to environmental targets. This talk will involve an explanation of the GND’s journey by Annie Lane, with a description of the educational and curricular demands, and highlighting the challenges that come with student, staff and senior management collaboration at a university level. Vidya Nanthakumar, the main speaker, will then detail the student-led ‘Introduction to Climate Change and Sustainability’ course at Glasgow University. This example of climate education extends past the classroom, to field work and activism, with immediate and important applications. Finally, Mia Perry will speak on behalf of the ‘Sustainability of Learning and Teaching Community in Practice’, detailing key initiatives that have driven their practices. This talk aims to highlight the importance of the responsibility of institutions to act in tackling the climate crisis, both in practice, and in education, with a focus on collaboration. 

About the speakers:

This talk is given by students both involved in the writing and negotiating of these demands, and by a member of staff at the University of Glasgow. Alvaro Perez Guardiola, Sam Marot, and Vidya Nanthakumar (a 4th year Medicine student, climate activist, and the main speaker during our talk). Vidya was involved in the writing of the GND and co-created and delivers the ‘Introduction to Climate Change and Sustainability’ course at Glasgow University. Mia Perry works within the School of Education at the University of Glasgow. She specialises in literacies education for sustainability and applies this work across disciplines, sectors, and geographies. She will speak about the Sustainability of Learning and Teaching Community in Practice group. Connie Brophy and Molly Park are 3rd year Psychology students and climate activists, involved in the negotiations of the GND.