In this talk Dr Kathleen Cronie and Michelle McCartney from LGBT Youth Scotland presented new data on the experiences of LGBT young people (aged 13-25 years old) in Scotland. Young people specifically in educational settings (e.g., schools, universities) highlighted the importance of LGBT-specific information (e.g., LGBT-inclusive education, sexual health and relationship education, staff training, and signposting), policies and guidance (e.g., name change procedures, confidentiality, anti-bullying), and taking action (e.g., challenging HBT-phobia, protection of LGBT identities). The speakers also emphasised the importance of creating safe spaces within the educational setting. The talk concluded with the introduction of the LGBT Charter Awards that schools can enrol in to engage in LGBT-inclusive practice and ethos. 

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See you at the next TILE Network seminar on 21 March 2023 at 4PM (UK time) on “Trauma-Informed Education and Promoting Resilience in the Classroom” by Dr Chelsea Robertson, Assistant Professor of Psychology, West Liberty University, West Virginia.


In our recently published Life in Scotland for LGBT Young People 2022 research, we found that just 10% of participants rated the experience of school for LGBTI young people as ‘Good’, with low levels of satisfaction also found for college and university. This session will explore ways in which educational settings can improve the experience for LGBTI learners.

Kathleen will begin the session by presenting findings from LGBT Youth Scotland’s recently published Education Report, based on a nationwide survey of LGBTI people between the ages of 13 – 25 which has been run every 5 years since 2007. In this report 5 key themes were highlighted by young people as ways in which education could be improved to better support LGBTI learners. These were: Supportive Staff; Respectful & Inclusive Spaces; LGBTI-Specific Information; Policies & Guidance; and Taking Action.

Following this, Michelle will present a set of practical recommendations based on the findings, aimed at educators and policymakers. She will also present LGBTYS’s Charter, a straightforward programme that enables educational settings to proactively include LGBTI people in every aspect of their work, protecting staff and providing a high-quality service to learners. A current charter client will talk about their experience of the programme, the changes to practice they have implemented, and the impact the Charter has had on their school.

About the speakers:

Dr Kathleen Cronie (she/her) is the Research Officer for LGBT Youth Scotland and led on the recent Life in Scotland project, which was launched last year and is the largest piece of research to date focusing on LGBTI Young people in Scotland. The findings from this research have appeared in evidence to the Scottish Government on the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, and in guidance for teachers on LGBTI inclusion issued by the General Teaching Council for Scotland. In addition to her work with LGBT Youth Scotland, Kathleen is also a musician and is the Musical Director of Loud & Proud, Scotland’s first LGBT+ choir. Her research interests also include work on mental health inclusivity in choirs, LGBT inclusion in choirs, and participant-focused practice for conductors. She received her PhD in Education with Music from the University of Aberdeen in 2021, with her thesis focusing on singer-focused practice and the role of a choral conductor. When she is not at work Kathleen is most often found escaping to the Scottish hills with her wife. Twitter: @kathleencronie

Michelle McCartney (she/her) is the Education Manager at LGBTYS. Her main responsibility is to develop and deliver LGBT Youth Scotland’s Educational Programmes which seek to build the capacity of professionals and decision makers to meet the needs of LGBTI young people. Michelle works closely with Scottish Government, Education Scotland and key decision makers to ensure LGBT Education remains a key implementation focus, and also oversees the development and delivery of the LGBT Education Charter Programme. She has previously worked as a Primary School Head Teacher and is an Aberdeen University Alumni. When she is not at work, she is a Highlander negotiating the busy west coast of Scotland, owned by a wife and small naughty dog! Twitter: @MichellePWMcCar